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About me & this website

I love creating! Whether it be drawing, digital arts or making copper and silver jewelry, the process and learning new things along the way makes me happy.

You will find some of my jewelry creations right here on this website, but most of them can be found on which is dedicated to my jewelry, doodles and drawings.

Most of my art (aside from the jewelry) is available through the Print-On-Demand (POD) industry. POD is exactly what it’s called, it’s not printed until you order it. While I’m the one creating the images (graphics) for a large variety of products, I am not the one that produces these. I do not make them, pack them or ship them myself.

I’m only in charge or creating the patterns and designs that you will find on the products shown here on this website and in my online POD shops. When a purchase is made, the financial process, making of the physical goods, shipping and customer service (this includes returns) are handled by the individual companies you order. Therefor I can not be held responsible for any mistakes that might be made. These are between you and the company you ordered from. (this off course does not apply for any purchases made through, where I am the one making and shipping the jewelry).

& friends

Because I am a member/associated with various POD websites, I am allowed to showcase, promote and link back to art & designs created by other members of these websites.


Prices are in USD. The prices you see are approximately, it might be or less, depending on currency exchange, or base price increase or human error 🙂, always check on the purchase page where the product is made for the correct, up to date price.


This website uses cookies for statistics and for affiliate links. This website uses cookies to follow the links you click, if you make a purchase based on a link you found here I might receive a small percentage of the purchase value in the form of referral fees. . This does not make your purchase more expensive! Read more about this under disclosure & disclaimer.

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