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test mandala

Drawing is (almost) a form of meditation for me. A blank page can be a little intimidating if I don\’t already have an idea in my head. But usually, once I get going, I just keep going. I forget where I am, I have no clue how much time is passing. It\’s just drawing lines, looking at the piece to see where it needs a little more attention, adding color until I tell myself that enough is enough.

It\’s a wonderful experience that helps me relax. (not so relaxed when things aren\’t going as smooth as I want đŸ˜€ )

I mostly use colored pencil and black pens, but every now and then I throw myself a \’curve ball\’ and pick up some colored pens. 

Some drawings stay in my journal, while others get scanned and edited for some touch ups and enhancement of color. And every now and then I rework the piece completely to achieve a very clean look.